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This Bible is Freckin Awesome!

I read dofferent versions from different authors different writers. this one is very comfortable for me to read.

Great app

Great app! Easy to use make notes highlight etc.


Very disappointed deleted right money wasted way too casual for me. Wouldnt rate!!

Love the Word

Enjoy reading the Message. The app helps. Easy to use and does not distract from the Word.

Good app

I enjoy this app very much. I use it in conjunction with the KJV and NIV versions I also have on my Ipad. Comparing the versions is helpful.

Best Bible app I have found.

I have this app on my iPhone and my iPad

Love it!

My favorite bible study app!

Excellent app

Easy to use and complete with all needed for bible studying.

Love this app

I keep the new living or message translation open one side of the screen and strongs concordance KJV open on the other side. I love being able to read and look up words as I go. The highlighting and note adding functions are fantastic. Ive been using it for years and never find myself "wishing it did something else". And I go through apps all the time.

Do it

Easy functions make for an enjoyable app ! Of the bible apps I have it is the initial "go to" app


This view is good for people who want more clarification.

The Best!!

This is the best for understanding the Bible in todays communication!


This is fantastic. This is a version that is more helpful for me to understand the Bible in a more practical way.

My Bible of Choice Now.

Without a doubt my favorite Bible. All my favorite Bibles, so easy to use, on all my devices. Great job!


I have the message and kings James. This is a great tool and easy use. The new settings and graphics are good. It is a very useful tool when flipping through multiple versions. I recommend this to all who are looking for a " on the go Bible".

Love this app!!

I love the translation and easy way to use it.

Love It!

This app allows you to read a devotional & scripture all together! Whatever scripture is in the devotion , you just click on the scripture & it automatically goes/finds the scripture for you!

Love my this bible apt

Ive been using this program for a couple of years now and it fits my needs. Its very user friendly and you can take notes flip between scriptures and lots of features. I highly recommend this apt.


I love this app. It is very easy to use and I can choose to read so many different translations. I can also write notes and create different folders/subjects.

You done good

This red letter Bible App is fun to use. It is very easy to move around between chapters. It even has a dozen resources (Max Lucado) to help you understand what you are reading. If other chapters are referenced in the resource, there are shortcuts to zip you right there for in-depth reading. Nice!

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