Message Bible App Reviews

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Love this version of the Bible. I use it all the time. I even encourage my husband and daughter to use it.


Really enjoy being able to read two bibles translations side by side.


I enjoy this app every night before I go to sleep. It allows me to read my iPad and not disturb my wife with a light. The app works perfect and Ive never had a problem so Thank You.

Quick & easy to use

So quick, in fact, that I can keep up with my Pastor as he is referencing scripture in his sermons. It would be hard for me to go back to a paper edition.

All you need

This app is great. I use it for daily scripture reading, Sunday school, church and reference. Easy to scroll thru books, chapters and verses.

Great App

Sometimes it is simply wonderful to get out of the regular, familiar Bible reading and read things in a new, regular daily language style. I am glad this Bible is now available as App and it is an important part of my App library. Hope many more will get to enjoy it. Thanks to those who made it available.


Its so...refreshing! I need this perspective. Hearing Truth in language that is current and relevant helps me to assimilate the instruction communicated.

The Best!!!!!

This app is the best app u will ever get

Easy to understand

Like how its so easy to understand .

Enjoy the message Bible

This is the first time I have read the message Bible and enjoying it.

Tercata Bible

My Bible is Back and thank you Very Much for the Quick Response and Keep up the Good Works Folks. My Notes were Never lost Either, Bless God Almighty!!


Easy navigation and highlighting!


I really like this app its very helpful in search, study, and the devotional goes with whatever Im reading in scriptures. I would recommend to every Christ follower.

The Message Bible

It is wonderful to be able to pull up two Bibles (different translations) at once and see them side by side and even linked if you want. I user RSV and. The Message.

This has been a great tool


This translation is wonderful, but app needs work

Please, please fix this app so the search feature works! And add a table of contents. It takes so many steps to get to a verse.

Very Good for basics

Easy to use & has good features.

Message Bible

Super Bible! Even a small child can now read and understand the infallible word of God. Awesome!

So helpful!

This Book makes The Word so accessible, facilitating the ordering of my steps

Gadget Lady

I love this app. My favorite part is: I have approximately 10 of your products: when I Change phones I just place in my Tecarta password and poof there are all my purchases

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